Mini-NOVA 2014


Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our first large event!

A special thanks goes out to everyone who volunteered their time, and to Gord, for making sure things ran smoothly! I can’t wait to see everyone at our next event!

Some Feedback Received:

“Well, the event is finally over and boy was it awesome! I’d like to give a big thanks to the two organizers who stayed up late nights and having a certain someone spend some of his honeymoon time in Japan to plan this event – big thanks to Alexander McKenna and Quinn Pelletier for their work!

As far as I know we had over 85 attendees at the event, which is pretty rad for a first event that was advertised by word of mouth alone. We also had a lot more interest in the MLP events and games than I anticipated. For anyone who’s interested in that whole scene, the North Bay, Timmins and Sudbury folk have combined to form a Northern Ontario Bronies group on Facebook here: 



Scott Beaudry

Thank you all for a great time, can’t wait until the next one guys! /Edit: I am definitely missing a few other volunteers from my list, like the awesome Gordon Dufoe that greeted all of us at the gates. Thank you to all the volunteers that made this possible./”

Anthony Turner

“Just wanted to say a big thanks to Alexander and anybody else involved for putting this on, I didn’t stay too long sadly and I didn’t get to go in cosplay but it’s very exciting to see someone in North Bay doing something like this and to see so many people that are willing to support it. I hope to see this grow more and more with time!”

Lisa Charity

“Thanks to everyone who hosted and helped set up this for us today. It was nice to see people come out and enjoy anime. I didn’t stay very long because my eyes were bugging me but it was neat thing to go to. I hope it continues to grow in the coming years.”

Even more feedback


Penny Fairman

I hope that some people took lots of pictures! I was going to, charged my phone up and even brought my little digital camera even extra batteries.. didn’t take any pics at all.. Oh well, it was still a very fun event!

Maria Foisy

The event was amazing. I wish I could have stayed longer but I had a terrible nights sleep. Hopefully next time I’ll be more ready!

Ballantine Goldwell

To those that enjoyed or would like a copy of the set I did at the meet last night, I will be posting it on here within the next week with a free download had a great time all day, plenty of laughs and good times (And impromptu trips for materials), looking forward to next year and any other future events!