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NOVA to Japan 2022 Agreement COMING SOON

The core agreement for everything.

Travel and Cultural Info Pack

Beginners guide to Traveling and Japan.

JR Pass Agreement

Also referred to Annex A

The Options!

14 Day (2 week)

I Came and I Saw.

$ 4500 .00+HST

A simple trip

A quick Trip best suited for those who can not commit to a long term voyage but still wants to take in what Japan has to offer!

Custom Payment plans available
  • 14 Day JR Pass
  • 14 Day Wi-fi
  • Airfare with the group!
  • Short Term Stay

21 Day (3 week)

Saw it and Lived it!

$ 4750 .00+HST

A voyage!

Almost one month of breath taking and relaxed traveling! Great for those who can take a Leave of absence at work or has a large amount of accumulated vacation days

Custom Payment plans available
  • 21 Day JR Pass
  • 21 Day Wi-fi
  • Airfare with the group!
  • Medium Term Stay

42 Day (6 week)

Ultimate Experience: No Regrets!

$ 5350 .00+HST

The lifetime goal!

You will be with the best of the best accompanied by your new found friends, traveling everywhere without care and meeting everyone you can. This will become you new home! Best way to travel Japan 85% of people chose this option in 2017!!

Custom Payment plans available
  • 2x 21 Day JR Pass
  • 42 Day Wi-fi
  • Airfare with the group!
  • The whole shabang