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From Japan to you

Just for you, from us.

First off we would like to thank all 11 people who joined us in traveling and coming to japan. We have asked about and have only heard great things about everyone’s travels and exploration. I would like to take time to give some of our readers this chance to see what we have been up to.

This is Shinsaibashi: A wondrous land of food and amazing people. Although a lot of people try to attract you in to their establishments, it is easy to drown out your entire surroundings by simply looking around. All the buildings in this area look fantastic. Hitachi tower and Nipponbashi are nearby for additional touring and enjoyment.

If you have done any research about Japan you are probably very familiar with their rail systems and how extensive it is. It would be best said that you do not need a car to live here in Japan unless you are in the countryside, and even there bus routes are available. In the photo below is JR’s N700 Series trains that we used frequently to commute between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka.

Osaka as pictured above (in the very first picture), and below is a very heart warming city that feels like a small town when you are not in the JR stations. There is a sense of community that laces all of Osaka together. You will likely be approached if you are a tourist, and asked where you have come from, and if your reason for visiting Japan. Light conversation and beer is likely to then follow.

Osaka Castle during the Cherry Blossom season is always a sight to behold. Stationed shortly after Sakuranomia (the Sakura hot spot of Japan) the parks surrounding the castle are filled with locals enjoying BBQ, picnics, and canned Asahi beer. Other brands also have seasonal beer for the sakura season as well. It easy to become part of the festivities with all sorts of pop-up street food stands offering all the food and refreshments that you could dream of. We personally love the takoyaki offered and the squid!

Some of our amazing travelers came across a fellow to later be introduced in this blog best known as Taka-san. Taka-san love to spice up his parties with all sorts of music planned events, Nabe (hot pot), bingo, BBQ and dress-ups. Taka-san was a very memorable part of Japan for many of us as he kindly opened his arms to us offering many local known trips and activities that most tourists know they might be able to do, but give us security and peace of mind while doing these activities. Taka-san also speaks English, and made us very comfortable around other locals by assisted heavily in translating jokes and conversations that otherwise would have been impossible.

Thank you from NOVA, Taka-san.

Nara, best know as the city filled by deer, is a sight to behold when you have anything that might smell like bread in your pockets. Deer will approach you and befriend you for you tasty goods, but tend to walk away promptly if they know you are not going to share or if they smelled wrong. Some deer have even accustomed to Japanese culture and will bow for you upon receiving a ration of a deer cracker. Deer crackers are the only food allowed to be fed to deer. Signs are well displayed in many areas explaining the conservation efforts and rules surrounding entry of the park.

Fatty tuna Sashimi. I really can not say enough about this amazing food! I can’t say anything, other than its tuna sashimi that melts in your mouth. Its the Wagyu beef of sashimi. It is a little pricey but nothing excessive. I would definitely recommend fatty tuna if you have the opportunity to try it.

In the photo below is the previously mentioned Taka-san (on the right). Though I hope to later do him more justice and post a better picture. I would like to give some context to this photo. After a good social night of drinking, we were discussing political matters regarding who knows what and for some reason a whole pack of cigarettes was opened up. Squirmy (on the left) [also not his real name] decided it would be fun to smoke 2 cigarette at once and play a joke of friends at home that he had taken up smoking heavily. Taka-san took this as a chance to challenge him and proceeded to fill his nose with 4 cigarettes two in each nostril and one in each ear. This left Squirmy with 3 to smoke at once. Without a doubt this turned south later when Taka-san’s hair caught fire and had to be put out.

A highlight of having gone to Japan would have to be going to the Culture Japan Shop. If you have followed us on Facebook you may already know that after browsing and possibly making a purchase, that we were able to meet Danny Choo [sama?] in person. It was an utmost honor being able to meet someone with such influential ability in the industry. After a long and very helpful discussion with his staff and himself surrounding his Smart Doll lineup and collection.

Here are only but some quick photographs taken. I hope to return and bring a better camera to better be able to show the outstanding quality of the Smart Doll line better.

Organizing the trip my wife and myself have have been quite grateful for those who have placed their trust into us to ensure flights, train rides, and everything have been well laid out and executed correctly. We are happy that everyone has made friends here in Japan and have been able to explore without hesitation of where a nights sleep will be. Thank you Everyone for your trust and time. We hope you continue to enjoy services that NOVA have to offer.